Our Work

CFI – New York City helps you connect with people dedicated to fostering science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values in your community.

We bring leading thinkers into your communities to give talks on science, philosophy, and religion.

Our work shapes public perceptions and advocates for the protection of science and secularism in our public policy.


Local Resources

Visit  reasonable.nyc  to find other great secular organizations and events happening in your area.

Visit The Center for Inquiry’s Main YouTube Page to check out videos of past talks and lectures at CFI-NYC events.

Our Issues

The Center for Inquiry needs your help with our work in keeping public policy focused on science and reason. Learn about our  Office of Public PolicyCFI at the United Nations, and ways you can take action.

Our Programs

Find out more regarding the national and international programs that are part of CFI’s mission to enhance the public’s understanding of humanist, secular and free thinking values.