Michael De Dora on FOX News

CFI-NYC’s Michael De Dora Jr. Pushes Secular Humanism on FOX News

On the July 31, 2009, edition of the FOX News show “The Strategy Room,” which is streamed live daily, CFI-NYC’s Executive Director Michael De Dora defended a secular humanist and skeptical position that it is probably safe to say is not often heard on the network.

In a segment hosted by Father Jonathan Morris called “God Talk,” De Dora made a number of points: that he is an atheist but that the term “atheist” only describes something he doesn’t believe in (God) and not what he does believe in; that he believes in a whole range of values best described as “secular humanism”; that most people are humanists and just dont know it; that even though he’s left religion behind, he’s still a good, moral human being; that many religious people and most nonreligious people agree on many values, and shoudn’t only ever focus on their differences; and more.

To read D.J. Grothe’s entire news entry on CFI’s Free Thinking blog, click here .

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